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Can we leave items in drawers?

We get asked this an awful lot, if its breakable it will need to be removed and packed, if its clothes or other soft furnishings then it is acceptable to leave these in, ultimately its your decision.

Is clothes in bin bags ok or shall I box them?

Again entirely your decision, but we would prefer them to be boxed and don't forget we can supply boxes if needed.

Do you unplumb and replumb kitchen appliances?

This is the single most commonly asked question, from an insurable stand point we are not allowed to disconnect machines such as washing machines from the water supply, but can offer free advice to you or you may wish to consult a qualified tradesperson.

Do you do packing / unpacking?

If we pack your items for you, we will also unpack providing you have requested this before quotation. 

Do I need to empty my petrol mower or other garden machinery of fuel?

All wet fuels will have to be drained from garden equipment.

Is there anything we can't take?

We do not carry paint or flammable liquids in our vehicles, a full list can be found in our terms and conditions which is available to download on the Legal page.


I have removal quotes that hugely differ in price why ?

Some corporate companies have large overheads. We pride ourselves on a highly competitive quote across all move sizes because we don't have these large overheads.

Do you offer storage?

We have our own facility to store goods and may use other companies facilities should it be required.

How much will a survey cost and how long will it take?

Any survey we carry out is absolutely free and they normally take between 15 and 25 minutes depending on the size of your property, there is no obligation for you to accept and once we have sent the quote we will never contact you again unless you have accepted our quote first.

Is it ok to use a man and van?

We believe there is a place in this trade for all forms of removals, we also believe we offer a far better service and more often than not at the same price, try us after all it costs nothing to ask! 

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