Hunting For House Moving Companies In Hampshire?

Moving house can be an emotional experience: you’re not only saying goodbye to a house but often to your neighbours and an entire area. If you’re ready to take that step in Hampshire, Pavey & Haynes are behind you at every step of the journey. 

One thing which can make it easier is having a decent moving company. When looking for house moving companies in Hampshire, don’t forget to consider Pavey & Haynes Ltd for the most professional and efficient services possible. 

Whether you’re single and relocating to London or have a family and are moving within Hampshire, Pavey & Haynes Ltd is passionate about making moving as enjoyable an experience as possible. 

We offer complete moving, packing and storage services in the south of England, including Hampshire. Praised for being ‘punctual and professional’, we’re a family-run business that’s one of the leading companies in Hampshire. 

Based in Bordon, we work with clients throughout the local area and offer a free surveying service. Our packing services are highly efficient and we can supply boxes when needed. 

For more information on our moving company, contact our friendly team today. 

(01420) 559907 / Petersfield (01730) 887328.

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